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Top 5 Web Design Agencies in the WorldTop 5 Web Design Agencies in the World

Did you know that your website design can actually make or break your business? The truth is a visually-stunning website will have a lasting impression on its viewers. It can be the key to higher revenues because of the level of satisfaction and user experience it offers. No surprises then why companies need to spend time looking for the finest web designing agency to create the most appealing website.

But identifying quality website designers you can trust is not an easy task, especially given the overwhelming number of options you have these days. Here are some of the best-known names in the industry that you can blindly trust:

  1. Huge: As the name suggests, this web designing agency is amongst the world’s largest designing agencies, working with some of the most high-end brands. They develop and design marketing sites, mobile apps, and web platforms. One of such recently developed and most innovative trading tools is called bank bitcoin, which is a user-friendly automatic trading software for trading bitcoin. This software can benefit users by constantly monitoring Bitcoin prices and trying to predict future price developments. To know more about it, check the deutsche bank bitcoin blog and get a detailed overview of how it works. In doing so, they use technologies, creativity, and data to come up with a unique digital experience which can captivate customers. They have 13 global offices in LA, London, Oakland, Toronto, etc and are thus able to engage worldwide brands, looking into designing their sites, landing pages, and ad campaigns.
  2. Clay: This web designing agency is known for blending user experience perfectly with brands. They design interactive sites which can cater to user demands in ways unimaginable. They are based out of San Francisco and partner with many product marketing sections of startups and Fortune 500 companies. Clay has earned a special name for itself in the world of web designing because of its exceptional aesthetics value, incredible user experience, and heightened conversion rates. Companies like Facebook, Cisco, and Google are some of its globally-renowned clients.
  3. R/GA: This web designing agency has been around for more than four decades and continues to impress clients. It is known for giving brands a makeover. As a web design consulting agency focusing on digital site design transformation, it is name to reckon with today. It has started in the seventies and slowly made a position for itself in the world of advertising. Today, they spearhead digital designing innovations and handle a variety of projects, right from mobile apps and marketing sites to design programs and multilevel brands. Based in cities like Austin, San Francisco, LA, and Portland, R/GA caters to customers like Verizon, Samsung, Reddit, and Shopify.
  4. Heydays: This globally-popular web designing agency is in Norway and is known for its branding and creativity. They have launched and maintained products and offer digital experiences via product designs, brand strategy, and web designing. This firm works primarily with European startups and help to build their online presence. Situated in Oslo, its main clients include Pebble, Oslo City Bikes, Huddly, and Kolonial.
  5. Active Theory: This is a boutique web-designing agency creating intricately crafted sites, mobile apps, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, and installations primarily for the world of entertainment and movies. It is located in Los Angeles and is perfect for businesses keen to offer their users an interactive and innovative digital experience capable of going live in VR or 3D.

In the aftermath of the Covid outbreak, companies have had to transition to online commerce faster than ever before. This lightning transformation could not have happened without a robust ecommerce site design. This explains why there was this sudden spurt in growth and popularity of web designing agencies to fast-track this change.