How SYL works?

SYL (Save Your Life) use the accelerometers placed in smartphones and other devices. When the software measures a deceleration (that means over 2 G force) starts working. That much G force by an accident can cause blackout and other injuries. 

Why SYL software is helpful?

SYL software is designed to help those who suffer a road accident. It is aim to help you reach medical assistance in a few minutes. It’s very important in those cases, when the driver or the passengers are heavily wounded, shocked or unconscious.

What if false alarm happen?

The designers of the SYL integrated a safety system into the program. When the program perceive a 2G-force deceleration the countdown (120sec) begins. The users can stop the progress just by clicking the „Cancel” button on the screen. Every user is responsible for the false alarm. The use of the app is clear in the description. The SYL app team isn’t responsible for false alarm or any other damage that the user’s of the application may do for the authorities or the users. 

Where will be my emergency text sent?

The users messages will be sent by accidents to the emergency services and also to the mobile phone of the chosen person (we encourage everybody to add at least 2-3). After they received the message with your data and the location, they can easily contact the dispatcher of the emergency services. There is a possibility to send direct message to some emergency services (EU, USA).

In the US please visit the site of the Federal Communications Commission, to be sure that the service is available in your location.

Can I add mobile numbers of my relatives to know about what happened?

Absolutely, we encourage every user to add at least two of their relatives/friends mobile phone numbers to the program. It is very important to give necessary informations to our loved ones to make sure that they can prepare themselves, reach the authorities.

Can SYL save my life?

Very important to understand that SYL is able to reduce time while awaiting for help and it can Save Your Life. Practically when you are unconscious after an accident or got injured. You might not will be able to call the authorities or reach somebody. There is where SYL can make the work and increase your odds to survive and get help.